Felicia Luck


As a military veteran, registered nurse, and paralegal, Felicia possesses an impressive trifecta of skills and expertise. Her knowledge and versatility, developed over years of dedicated service, grant your case an exceptional advantage.

Felicia comes to our firm with a significant background in emergency medicine and
trauma, further enhancing her ability to navigate complex cases and provide valuable

Felicia’s time in the US Army allowed her to cultivate qualities like discipline, leadership, and
teamwork. During her time, she earned numerous accolades recognizing her leadership and
active involvement in a variety of collaborative missions conducted throughout military

After her period in service, Felicia pursued a nursing education, followed by extensive years of
hands-on clinical experience. She ventured and worked across multiple states and hospitals,
fostering significant growth in both her expertise and professional connections.

Empowered by this valuable knowledge, Felicia delved into the legal realm, gaining a deeper
understanding of the legal intricacies but also discovering ways to bridge the gap between the
complexities of the medical and legal fields. The broadening of her skill set provides distinctive
viewpoints and a heightened focus.

In Felicia’s free time, she enjoys her family, hiking, and traveling.


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